Saturday, November 14, 2015

TIME OF THE QUICKENING JUDGEMENT OF THE QUICK AND THE DEAD By Rev. Patricia Ann Sunday His Handmaiden It is not coming…it is here. The Catholics call it the Quickening which is when more knowledge of the Bible and the end times occurs. And while that is certainly true and what is happening today that is not all there is to it. Protestant Christians call it the Seven year tribulation or the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. There is a difference between them however at the end of this time. For Catholics and New Agers and Islamics it is a time when the Golden Age arrives…a time of peace on earth led by the Messiah…Lord Matreya or the Fifth Imam depending on your theology. For Protestants believers…the Rapture will have already happened and they would be out of here. Well we are still here and will be until the end. There was a Prophet the Lord sent to us to explain this special end time message but when compiling the Bible the Catholics removed this book….the Book of Enoch. The Prophet Nostradamus was sent to explain the Vision of the Image of Daniel. In Chapter Two Verses 34-35 explains what is going to happen in the end time when the Lord comes to take up HIS BRIDE…those who are alive in Him and those who are in their graves to arise and be with Him. The Catholics Quickening is the Christians Rapture but it will happen at the end when the ROCK FROM HEAVEN destroys the image of clay and iron mixture that the one world order had been working on since the Lord Jesus/Yeshua arose from death to life everlasting. The Last Pope is in office now. And the Last Anti-Christ man an Arch-Bishop named Father Georg Gaenswein is waiting in the wings to take his place as leader of the world. A German led Vatican will be the leader of the One World Government…a combination of Nazism, Communism and Islamic belief systems. Before the ROCK which will be the comet Nostradamus has predicted comes the BRIDE of Christ will be removed from this earth. This will happen very soon. I’ve learned not to put an exact date on it…even Nostradamus would not date it even though he could have dated it to the exact minute. He knew no one would believe him and he did not want to tell the head devil Lucifer/Santa/Satan because he does not know the exact time himself. The United States Government knows this comet is coming. It is already approaching earth and much misinformation is being put out to divert everyone’s attention. It has not yet come. The Lord has sent me here to tell you to “Get Ready…Be Prepared” for what is to come. The Word says that men’s hearts will be failing them for fear of what is about to come upon the earth. I can attest personally to this. One of my own sisters died of a heart attack while looking forward to this. This will not be a time for the faint or weak of heart. As the Book of Revelation states men will be hiding in caves and underground dens. Men on earth are already preparing for this. The underground cites have already been built in America and Russia and I’m sure other places. The food and medical supplies have and are already being stockpiled by our government and others. God will supernaturally protect and supply the needs of those who are ‘with Him’ until the time comes for us to be Caught up to be with Him. The next big question is when will be the time of the Catching up commonly known as the Rapture? The Bible tells us exactly WHEN it will be. So take heed to what the Lord has shown me. It will be according to Revelation 11:1-14. The Candlesticks or the menorahs is the Church Bride and the Olive Tree is the Jewish believer’s in Jesus/Yeshua as their Messiah. When ISRAEL is attacked and people are laying dead in the streets of Jerusalem …there will literally be 3 and one half days until the dead will rise to their feet alive and be taken up. At the same time…those who are alive in Christ Jesus will also arise and go up. We will not need a spaceship. The comet will be the judgment upon an unbelieving world and it will be what stops the Battle of Armageddon or WWIII going on around the world. Then the Prophet Nostradamus tells us what happens after that. He states that those that choose to believe in Him by seeing what has happened will have another SEVEN THOUSAND YEARS before God will actually come back to this earth to set His other sheep pen back on earth. You can understand this only by spiritual eyes and ears. It is not my job to try to make you believe it or to argue with you about it. It is only my job or task He has given me to deliver this message to you and I have done this to the best of my ability. It is like my cooking. You can eat it with thanksgiving or you can push it away as unpalatable…It is totally your choice. But I suggest you chew on it a while before spitting it out. May God bless you and shine His light upon you. Shalom.

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