Tuesday, November 17, 2015

JEAN WHITFIELD’S MEMORIAL SERVICE 11-16-15 Good afternoon… I am Reverend Patricia Sunday and my web site is SundayMinistries.com and I am on YouTube: under Patricia Sunday Ministries. I have a reason for identifying myself in such a way which you will see in just a moment. I first met Jean when she and Lester began attending Lion of Judah. They fit right in with our little family group. Even through her physical problems she was always laughing and taking her condition in good spirits…Always hopeful for a remedy. She was a woman who heard from God and she and her husband walked together in like-minded spirit in their marriage. About the third or so times she came to service she asked if she could read a prophetic word from the Lord that He had given her. Immediately I saw the vision of the prophecy which was duel in nature. Not only was it to her personally but it was for the congregation and the world and it was a very powerful revelation. In fact, it was so powerful that I knew she had come to this ministry at this time to deliver this message specifically to me…so I gained her permission to put the prophecy up on my web site to share it with as many people as we could reach. I believe she was a Handmaiden and this was the mission God gave her and He found her obedient to carry out this task of getting this prophecy to me. You may think then why didn’t God just give this prophecy to me directly. Well He could have but He used Jean because He wanted her to know how much He loved her and that she was important to Him and this looking like a small thing was really a great thing in God’s eyes for He uses the weak and humble not the proud and boastful. I am going to read this prophecy given to Jean by the Lord exactly as it is posted on my web site: WORD FROM THE LORD GIVEN TO JEAN WHITFIELD JUNE 2014 I AM COMING WITH FIRE AND WITH POWER...GET READY! It is NOT going to be what YOU THINK it will be like! I am the God of surprise, serendipity (meaning an unexpected discovery occurring by design)...but do not change my WORD! I’m going to need you to be ready...I need you, My Body to get ready! Lay aside what you think is important...GET READY! I AM GOING TO PASS OVER YOU, THIS PLACE AND YOU My Children. My Body will be forever changed RUINED FOR ME (meaning extinct/destroyed), forever, and forever, for my glory. Are you willing to be a “READY” sacrifice for me? NOTE: The Lord is sending the message to His Church but I believe this Word from the Lord was especially to be delivered to me since I have had this serendipity experience with the discoveries the Lord has given me to write about and the discovery of the Revelation 11:1-14 RAPTURE. The Lord has had me delivering the Word from Him that “I am coming to Passover the world...Get Ready...Wait for it!” The Rapture will be our Passover. Shalom. Rev. Patricia Sunday, His Handmaiden

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