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JEAN WHITFIELD’S MEMORIAL SERVICE 11-16-15 Good afternoon… I am Reverend Patricia Sunday and my web site is SundayMinistries.com and I am on YouTube: under Patricia Sunday Ministries. I have a reason for identifying myself in such a way which you will see in just a moment. I first met Jean when she and Lester began attending Lion of Judah. They fit right in with our little family group. Even through her physical problems she was always laughing and taking her condition in good spirits…Always hopeful for a remedy. She was a woman who heard from God and she and her husband walked together in like-minded spirit in their marriage. About the third or so times she came to service she asked if she could read a prophetic word from the Lord that He had given her. Immediately I saw the vision of the prophecy which was duel in nature. Not only was it to her personally but it was for the congregation and the world and it was a very powerful revelation. In fact, it was so powerful that I knew she had come to this ministry at this time to deliver this message specifically to me…so I gained her permission to put the prophecy up on my web site to share it with as many people as we could reach. I believe she was a Handmaiden and this was the mission God gave her and He found her obedient to carry out this task of getting this prophecy to me. You may think then why didn’t God just give this prophecy to me directly. Well He could have but He used Jean because He wanted her to know how much He loved her and that she was important to Him and this looking like a small thing was really a great thing in God’s eyes for He uses the weak and humble not the proud and boastful. I am going to read this prophecy given to Jean by the Lord exactly as it is posted on my web site: WORD FROM THE LORD GIVEN TO JEAN WHITFIELD JUNE 2014 I AM COMING WITH FIRE AND WITH POWER...GET READY! It is NOT going to be what YOU THINK it will be like! I am the God of surprise, serendipity (meaning an unexpected discovery occurring by design)...but do not change my WORD! I’m going to need you to be ready...I need you, My Body to get ready! Lay aside what you think is important...GET READY! I AM GOING TO PASS OVER YOU, THIS PLACE AND YOU My Children. My Body will be forever changed RUINED FOR ME (meaning extinct/destroyed), forever, and forever, for my glory. Are you willing to be a “READY” sacrifice for me? NOTE: The Lord is sending the message to His Church but I believe this Word from the Lord was especially to be delivered to me since I have had this serendipity experience with the discoveries the Lord has given me to write about and the discovery of the Revelation 11:1-14 RAPTURE. The Lord has had me delivering the Word from Him that “I am coming to Passover the world...Get Ready...Wait for it!” The Rapture will be our Passover. Shalom. Rev. Patricia Sunday, His Handmaiden

Saturday, November 14, 2015

YOM KIPPUR AND JONAH AND THE WHALE BY Rev. Patricia Ann Sunday www.SundayMinistries. Christians are not taught the basics of Judaism which is the Foundation stone of the Christian faith. The Messiah Jesus/Yeshua became the living foundation stone or the corner stone that the builders rejected. If we had been taught the background of Christianity, we would understand much more about the Bible and what Jesus was referring to in His teaching in parables in the New Testament. One thing Christians are not taught nor do they understand is that modern Israel does not go by the calendar that Jesus/Yeshua lived under. The ancient Paleo calendar was done away with and the Pharisees replaced it by a modern Jewish calendar and not only they have a Religious calendar but they also have a Civil calendar. How would you like to live your life juggling two different time frame calendars and then find out they were not the proper timing? Then the Catholic (the Christian branch of Pharisees) changed the old calendar a couple of times until we have what the world now goes by. This was another “changing of times and laws”. There are seven feast days in Judaism which we as followers of Jesus/Yeshua (who was known as “the way”) were told to keep. These are not mandatory feasts but observances to teach us a pattern that leads to His Second Coming. Four of these Feasts have already been fulfilled during his first time on earth. The other three will be fulfilled at and on His Second Coming. These Seven feasts are represented by the seven lights of Revelation on the Menorah. From right to left the lights are lit. The First is the Feast of Passover…the Second is the Feast of Unleavened Bread and the third was the Feast of First Fruits. The Fourth was the Feast of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit cam and “lighted” or filled the 120 in the upper room with the Lord’s Holy Spirit which was not a person of the Trinity but an attribute of the Godhead. Because God is ONE person with two spiritual attributes. He is a trinity in the sense of be God the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit …but they are one God. One of these seven feasts of Israel is called Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement and falls between Rosh Hashanah and the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot. On this particular feast the Book of Jonah in the Bible is read. Yom Kippur is called the Most Holy Day of the year and everyone is supposed to wear their white garments which represent the Bride of Christ who is waiting for Jesus/Yeshua her Bridegroom. So why on the Holiest day of the year is this particular book the one that is read? This book concerns a man who disobeyed the orders given by the Lord to go to Nineveh and preach the gospel to the heathen. Because he did not obey God he was allowed to be swallowed up by a big whale or Big Fish. God had to teach this prophet a lesson in compassion. So is it hard to understand that in our day the Lord is about to teach a lot of Christian people a lesson in compassion. What you say? Christians are compassionate! The Hell they are! Who wants to visit those in prison? Who wants to visit nursing homes where this is misery or a cancer ward where the smell of death is all over. What about helping a homeless person? Or a battered woman or child or a loner teenager? And God forbid we should go to someone or a whole city who like Jonah hoped they would go to hell because they deserved it and were unbelieving heathen. This is America…No one says we can’t speak to Muslims or anyone else about their faith and why the way shower….Jesus/Yeshua was the right way. No one can stop us from praying in public. No one can stop us from parting the Red Sea. But those who show no compassion to those in need now….will be swallowed up by the whale or the big fish which represents the Lukewarm Christian Church of our day and Jonah was in the belly of the Fish Church for three days which could represent three years. Because those who are ready with oil in their lamps will be used and protected through those 3 years because they followed the Lords instructions and heard His voice. To go this way or that way or don’t go that way. Also this points to another side of this story. Revelation 11:1-14 tells us that Israel will be invaded and gassed or bombed. People will lie dead in the streets 3 and ½ days a picture which Jesus said of Jonah was a sign of His death…. So the Lord has told us a very important message by associate Jonah with His own death and resurrection and saying Jonah was a sign then place Jonah as the key in the Yom Kippur service. In After these 3 and ½ days these people will rise up in the site of the living and also at the same time there will be a Rapture of taking up of living people. The Christians represented by virgins with oil in their lamps will be going to Heaven to be with the Lord. This will be the greatest revival the earth has even seen. Get revived in the Lord now so you are not left here for what the rest of the church will have to go through. Shalom.
XENOPHOBIA RELIGIOUS RIGHTS IN THE UNITED STATES By Rev. Patricia Ann Sunday The First Amendment gives all citizens of the United States the right to practice their own religion unhindered by the Federal Government. This Amendment guards the Freedom of the Press; Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Peaceful assembly and the petitioning of the government for the redress of grievances. Our very freedoms are what may undermine our Government at the very core of what our forefathers meant this to mean believing that they came from countries which had state churches and you had to be a member of that state church. They found a need to break away from the state in order to practice the form of Christianity not connected to a big mother church. Now Islam is as much a “Big Mother Church” as the Holy Roman Catholic Church is. This picture was found in my local newspaper of a group of Muslim men praying at my favorite beach spot. On one occasion at the local mall I watch as a Muslim woman threw out her rolled up prayer rug which she conveniently carried around with her and began kneeling and praying to her god. I was shocked because if a Christian did this in our nation of Freedom of Religion then we would be quickly ejected from the premises. I began to think they are just daring anyone to touch them. I also thought what a bunch of wusses we Christians are. And I am using this platform as a call to arms of Christian. Now don’t get excited people. I am not talking about guns but swords. The Sword of the Spirit…which is the Word of God. Be bold. Talk about your God; Play your Christian music full blast like the hip hoppers and the Rap Crappers. Pray out loud in public and praise the Lord at your local places of business. If other religions have Freedom of Religion then so do you. They may have actually done Christians a favor by emboldening us to our rightful place with God. After all…the Bible says “if we are ashamed of Him on earth then He will be ashamed of us in Heaven. Shalom
TIME OF THE QUICKENING JUDGEMENT OF THE QUICK AND THE DEAD By Rev. Patricia Ann Sunday His Handmaiden It is not coming…it is here. The Catholics call it the Quickening which is when more knowledge of the Bible and the end times occurs. And while that is certainly true and what is happening today that is not all there is to it. Protestant Christians call it the Seven year tribulation or the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. There is a difference between them however at the end of this time. For Catholics and New Agers and Islamics it is a time when the Golden Age arrives…a time of peace on earth led by the Messiah…Lord Matreya or the Fifth Imam depending on your theology. For Protestants believers…the Rapture will have already happened and they would be out of here. Well we are still here and will be until the end. There was a Prophet the Lord sent to us to explain this special end time message but when compiling the Bible the Catholics removed this book….the Book of Enoch. The Prophet Nostradamus was sent to explain the Vision of the Image of Daniel. In Chapter Two Verses 34-35 explains what is going to happen in the end time when the Lord comes to take up HIS BRIDE…those who are alive in Him and those who are in their graves to arise and be with Him. The Catholics Quickening is the Christians Rapture but it will happen at the end when the ROCK FROM HEAVEN destroys the image of clay and iron mixture that the one world order had been working on since the Lord Jesus/Yeshua arose from death to life everlasting. The Last Pope is in office now. And the Last Anti-Christ man an Arch-Bishop named Father Georg Gaenswein is waiting in the wings to take his place as leader of the world. A German led Vatican will be the leader of the One World Government…a combination of Nazism, Communism and Islamic belief systems. Before the ROCK which will be the comet Nostradamus has predicted comes the BRIDE of Christ will be removed from this earth. This will happen very soon. I’ve learned not to put an exact date on it…even Nostradamus would not date it even though he could have dated it to the exact minute. He knew no one would believe him and he did not want to tell the head devil Lucifer/Santa/Satan because he does not know the exact time himself. The United States Government knows this comet is coming. It is already approaching earth and much misinformation is being put out to divert everyone’s attention. It has not yet come. The Lord has sent me here to tell you to “Get Ready…Be Prepared” for what is to come. The Word says that men’s hearts will be failing them for fear of what is about to come upon the earth. I can attest personally to this. One of my own sisters died of a heart attack while looking forward to this. This will not be a time for the faint or weak of heart. As the Book of Revelation states men will be hiding in caves and underground dens. Men on earth are already preparing for this. The underground cites have already been built in America and Russia and I’m sure other places. The food and medical supplies have and are already being stockpiled by our government and others. God will supernaturally protect and supply the needs of those who are ‘with Him’ until the time comes for us to be Caught up to be with Him. The next big question is when will be the time of the Catching up commonly known as the Rapture? The Bible tells us exactly WHEN it will be. So take heed to what the Lord has shown me. It will be according to Revelation 11:1-14. The Candlesticks or the menorahs is the Church Bride and the Olive Tree is the Jewish believer’s in Jesus/Yeshua as their Messiah. When ISRAEL is attacked and people are laying dead in the streets of Jerusalem …there will literally be 3 and one half days until the dead will rise to their feet alive and be taken up. At the same time…those who are alive in Christ Jesus will also arise and go up. We will not need a spaceship. The comet will be the judgment upon an unbelieving world and it will be what stops the Battle of Armageddon or WWIII going on around the world. Then the Prophet Nostradamus tells us what happens after that. He states that those that choose to believe in Him by seeing what has happened will have another SEVEN THOUSAND YEARS before God will actually come back to this earth to set His other sheep pen back on earth. You can understand this only by spiritual eyes and ears. It is not my job to try to make you believe it or to argue with you about it. It is only my job or task He has given me to deliver this message to you and I have done this to the best of my ability. It is like my cooking. You can eat it with thanksgiving or you can push it away as unpalatable…It is totally your choice. But I suggest you chew on it a while before spitting it out. May God bless you and shine His light upon you. Shalom.
THE RAPTURE FOUND IN JOB JOB 29:19-25 By Rev. Patricia Sunday Today I want to do a Scripture study from the Book of Job beginning with Chapter 29 and verses 19-25. In this chapter Job is speaking. I want to first begin with verse 3 and show you what the Lord has revealed to me. Where He has said that in months past God took care of him when He put his WORSHIP high upon his head, when His LAMP shone over him and when by His LIGHT he walked through darkness …you will see that if you diagram this verse that there are three key words in this Scripture. The words are Worship, Lamp and Light. The Word is telling us that when we WORSHIP HIM He will shine on us HIS LAMP and LIGHT our path. His lamp has oil in it. Worship high upon his head means that the worship of God was his primary goal. Do you see this? Verse 16 shows us that what we do not understand we must search out. Now we will apply this principle of diagraming and searching out the verses regarding the Rapture. Job is speaking as a Prophet with God’s Words. 19: “My roots are planted by the waters and the dew lies all night upon my boughs”. This means that we are deeply rooted in the water of His Word. Night refers to the darkness of this world. His Word sits on our boughs or branches because we who are believers are referred to as trees in the Word of God. Then it says…AT THE HARVEST …What is the harvest? It is the reaping or the rapture at the end of the age. It says at the Harvest season I shall be invited to the feast. That feast is the Feast of the INGATHERING … which was renamed the Feast of Tabernacles and COMMONLY KNOWN AS THE WEDDING SUPPER OF THE LAMB. Are you invited to this feast? 20: “I shall take my bow with me and renew it in my hand.” This verse is a little more difficult. You have to remember in Revelation 22:12 where it talks about the Lord coming and His Reward is with Him. The rainbow was a covenant sign. At the Harvest or Rapture the Lord will renew the heavens and earth by His own hand. There will be a new covenant. So the bow and His reward speak of the same thing. Our bow is without arrows. It is a reward and that reward is that we go to be with Him. 21: The verse reads “Men listened to me and waited and harkened to my counsel.” So as we listen to God and wait on God we will harken or obey His counsel. 22: “And from my words they departed not, and my speech was pleasant to them” So because they listened and waited on God and obeyed His counsel they believed God’s Words to be pleasant and pleasing and good. 23: “They waited for me as for the rain; and they opened their mouths wide as for the spring rain.” So we continue the theme of waiting…and in this verse waiting for the rain. Many people believe the rain is to come in great signs and wonders of laughing, falling down and outward signs…but the rain God spoke of is the opening up and the understanding of the Word as they have never understood it before. Those of us who search out the Scriptures open our mouth wide to receive the understanding of the Word that the Lord is pouring out. The spring rain beings out the flowers and beauty and nourishes what was already planted. 24: “If I ridiculed them, they did not take offense; and they did not turn from the LIGHT of my countenance.” I see this as the word ridicule meaning when the Lord chastises us…or spanks us as His children. So when He chastises or rebukes us we take it as needed correction and do not turn away from serving Him. 25: “I searched out their ways, and then returned and dwelt as a King in His army, like one who comforts the mourners.” God is always searching out our ways and comes to comfort us as we mourn over our sin as we recognize what we have done…and He expects us to always return or turn to Him when we sin and therefore we will dwell as a King in His army. Remember He says that a King searches out a matter. The remaining Scriptures if you continue to read on tells what happens to those left behind after the Harvest…after we are gone to our Heavenly Home with Jesus/Yeshua. Verse 8 of Chapter 30 is particularly eye opening as it shows that the children of fools … meaning Christians who were not ready with oil in their lamps will be accounted to share in the terrors of the wicked. That will be half of the so-called Christian Church as attested to by the Parable of the Ten Virgins. Shalom
(1)THE TIME OF YOUR VISITATION Luke 19:44 and Matthew 25:36 (2)THE MARK OF THE BEAST Revelation 13; 14; 17, & 19; (3)THE MARK OF GOD Luke 12:47; I Peter 4:17; Revelation 7:3; and 9:4; Genesis 4:15; Exodus 12:23; 2 Chronicles 36:17; Jeremiah 9:21; 16:6; 25:27; Ezekiel 9:4-6; Amos 3:2 (4)AND BUYING AND SELLING Revelation 13:17 By Reverend Patricia Ann Sunday POB 5411 Tallahassee, Florida 32314 www.SundayMinistries.com Email: SundayMinistries@aol.com This is an in depth, but short, four part teaching. Everyone talks, and preaches, about the Mark of the Beast and tie it to the Buying and Selling Scriptures but, no one talks or preaches about the Mark of God Scriptures or how these things relate to the Time of Your Visitation. The Mark of the Beast only relates to Buying and Selling in Revelation 13:17. So…unless you study all the Scriptures that include the Mark of God Scriptures which are much more profuse throughout the Word of God, then you miss the Big Picture that is being laid out before you. Buying and Selling also relates to the Mark of God. So let’s begin with first things first. What does the Word of God really teach? (1) The Time of Your Visitation: No one ever teaches on this because it is confused with a ‘silent Rapture’. First comes the unseen dividing of the Sheep from the Goats, Wheat from the Tares, and the five Virgins with oil from the five Virgins without oil in their lamp. This is an unseen time of Visitation by the Lord. He comes to each of us over and over and eventually He comes to you for your last chance to be saved…if you continue to reject Him, then He lets you go your own way and your name is removed from the Book of Life. Every human starts off with their name recorded in the Book of Life…because you were born into this earth life. If you are divided out then you have taken the Mark of the Beast because the Lord has not put His Mark on you…as was the example with Cain. God put His Mark on Cain so he would not be killed. If he had been killed then the promise to Abraham would have been killed. God promised Abraham that his offspring would be as numerous as is the sand in the desert. That meant that both lines… the evil line of Cain… and the righteous line of Seth must be allowed to increase. The wheat and tares had to grow together for the end time harvest. One of these virgins (which means Christians) will be in the bed with the Lord and the other Christian will be marked out because of their final rejection of the Spirit’s tug on them. This has been going on since Jesus left the earth but particularly for His end time work since 1995 as He has been calling Harvesters into the field for the last Harvest. This is why so many Christian marriages have broken up. One got deeper with the Lord while the other grew cold. This is why people have believed in two separate comings of the Lord and Satan perverted this teaching. Jesus will only come back ONE TIME the second time at His Second Coming. He did not make Noah open the door a second time to let those beating on the door in. They had their chance before the door was closed and LOCKED. This division of God measuring His Temple culminates in the Second Coming when the Bride Church will be Raptured up in the sight of the World. 2) Next the Mark of the Beast: The Mark of the Beast is only taken by those who refuse the Lord’s offer of Salvation through Jesus Christ’s /Yeshua death on the Cross of Calvary and the atoning Blood Sacrifice He made for us. If you then have taken the Mark of the Beast you are Lost. I do not personally believe there will be a literal mark put on everyone even though that is where it looks like we are headed and it is in the works. It will never come to fruition. The closest they can get to that right now is credit cards and the credit card has your number of your name on it…the number of man is six. Each credit card has a bar code configuration of 6’s. This is a way of tracking every purchase you make. If you do not want your purchases tracked I would suggest you go to a money order system where you have added your bills and you purchase money orders for each of your bills in a one-time transaction to cover your expenses. They may wonder, but they won’t know, what your life consists of.  Now what I see is that the Word teaches us that like Noah and Lot that things will go on as usual until the Lord’s people are taken up out of this world. THEN there will be so much turmoil on earth that there will be no way of marking everyone. It will be Hell on earth. The only churches and people left in them on earth will be the ones that side with the Universal Catholic Church which is clearly delineated in Revelation as the Anti-Christ Church. Some of these left will even be Pentecostal and Baptist establishments. Then will come WWIII and Armageddon and if the Lord did not stop it by natural means then NO Man or mankind would be left alive. He will stop it by the incoming planetary system that consists of a second sun with red wings and debris in its tail called the “Destroyer”. But God will intervene and there will be men left alive to carry on this earth…but there will be peace for 1000 years before Satan is again loosed to deceive mankind. So there will be people left on this earth. 3) The Mark of God: In Ezekiel 9:6 the passage states “Slay utterly old and young, both Virgins (speaking of so-called Christians) and little children and women (so-called Christian’s families that follow wrong teaching); but DO NOT TOUCH any man (meaning mankind) upon whom is the mark and begin at my Sanctuary!” This is God talking and He is saying kill them all….the ones who are called by My Name…those that say they believe me, but do not do what I say. Verse 4 said “SET a MARK upon the FOREHEAD of the men who sigh and who are tormented on account of all the abominations and evil things that are done in the midst thereof and begin at my sanctuary.” So this is the opposite Mark than that of taking the Mark of the Beast. He said start at the top of His Sanctuary…in other words start with the leaders of all that call themselves Christian Churches. You see when Jim and Tammy Baker of TBN Christian Television began their fall that all the others came tumbling after. God began marking His latter day Bride Church and no, they are not the Mormons. 4) Buying and Selling: Revelation 13:17 reads “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the Beast, or the number of his name.” I previously stated that today this in the natural represents credit card purchases with the 666 bar codes. But there are other Scriptures related to Buying and Selling that relate to God’s Mark and His buying and selling. This has a separate Spiritual meaning. God’s Mark is whether you have bought what he is selling or bought what the world and Satan is selling. The Lord Jesus purchased His people with His own Blood on the Cross of Calvary. He SOLD OUT HIS LIFE TO PURCHASE OR BUY AND REDEEM YOURS. He is telling you to buy of Him. Right now you have a choice…to buy from what the Lord is offering you this day or to buy what man offers. Man’s laws, man’s poisonous food, man’s belief system, man’s money system, man’s music, TV, and movie filth and pornography and man’s wars. Do not sell yourself for money, fame or to have a worldly name. It will only send you to an everlasting Hell spent in limbo and in the end, you will be in the Lake of Fire with Satan and suffer a Second Death. After the Second Coming Rapture which I have shown you in other teachings from Revelation 11:1-14 what you will be left with is war, radiation boils on your skin, plagues, famine and zombies who will be people eating people. They put it in your face on TV…called the zombie apocalypse and the world is too stupid to see what they are showing you. Your worst imagination of any horror movie you have ever heard of will become your reality. This will be the worst time this earth has ever seen or will ever see again. I am sent here to warn you… There is very little time now. When the door is shut on that Yom Kippur Day, it will be shut and locked… on that Day of Atonement. He will not reopen the door no matter how much you cry and repent. You will have to endure what comes and die. Man has tried to squeeze Scripture into seven little years which actually has been taking place since Jesus left the earth. There are seven years which deal with Israel and the last day church and the Harvest. We are in that time NOW. But the Seven Churches and the Seven Church Seals have already been opened. We are now in the Seventh Seal, the Seventh Church Age and entering the last three and one half years, I believe, until our Salvation arrives. The Church of God goes up at the Second Woe before the Sixth Angel sounds. If you know your Bible you will find that what I am saying is true and you will make yourself ready NOW. SHALOM…
REVELATION OF HOW HIDDEN PROPHECIES ARE PUT TOGETHER IN THE BIBLE. II PETER 2, 11, 20 and 21 By Reverend Patricia Ann Sunday While reading in the books of I and II Peter the Lord opened my eyes to an understanding I want to share for His Glory. Verse 2 of II Peter: reads “Grace and peace be multiplied to you through the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.” This is saying there is a pronounced blessing to those who understand who our Lord Jesus Christ is. There are three key words…grace and peace and knowledge. It says that to those who know the Lord Jesus Christ that you will receive Him by grace and be at peace with the understanding you receive when knowledge of Him is multiplied to you…then you will have peace with the knowledge you acquire. This is like the disclaimer of a book letting you know what is coming after to prepare you to receive that knowledge that is about to be given. Another Key is in Verse 11: which reads “They searched to find out at what time IT would be revealed.” So one has to search to find out what time IT meaning the prophecy is to take place. Verse 20: reads “knowing this first…that not every prophetic writing is made clear in its own book.” At first reading this would lead one to believe that to read a book of the Bible that nothing is going to be made clear. However, what these verses say is that it is going to tell you one of the first keys to knowledge and understanding of prophetic writings. And the key is that you have to take what is said here and put it together with keys from other books to get the real full meaning of any given Prophecy of the Bible. Verse 21: is the Key verse stating the end result of reading, studying and searching out all books to put the keys together for the understanding of all Prophecies. It says “For the prophecy did not come by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke when they were inspired by the Holy Spirit.” Chapter 2 from verse 4 on says: God did not even spare the angels who sinned or the old world of Noah. He did not spare Sodom and Gomorrah and it is basically telling all who read that you will not be spared in your sin either. He will only save the righteous people as He did Lot and Noah. False Prophets abound to take you away from your chance at salvation. Wake up and press forward to your salvation working it out daily with the Lord Jesus Christ our Messiah Yeshua. SHALOM