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(1)THE TIME OF YOUR VISITATION Luke 19:44 and Matthew 25:36 (2)THE MARK OF THE BEAST Revelation 13; 14; 17, & 19; (3)THE MARK OF GOD Luke 12:47; I Peter 4:17; Revelation 7:3; and 9:4; Genesis 4:15; Exodus 12:23; 2 Chronicles 36:17; Jeremiah 9:21; 16:6; 25:27; Ezekiel 9:4-6; Amos 3:2 (4)AND BUYING AND SELLING Revelation 13:17 By Reverend Patricia Ann Sunday POB 5411 Tallahassee, Florida 32314 Email: This is an in depth, but short, four part teaching. Everyone talks, and preaches, about the Mark of the Beast and tie it to the Buying and Selling Scriptures but, no one talks or preaches about the Mark of God Scriptures or how these things relate to the Time of Your Visitation. The Mark of the Beast only relates to Buying and Selling in Revelation 13:17. So…unless you study all the Scriptures that include the Mark of God Scriptures which are much more profuse throughout the Word of God, then you miss the Big Picture that is being laid out before you. Buying and Selling also relates to the Mark of God. So let’s begin with first things first. What does the Word of God really teach? (1) The Time of Your Visitation: No one ever teaches on this because it is confused with a ‘silent Rapture’. First comes the unseen dividing of the Sheep from the Goats, Wheat from the Tares, and the five Virgins with oil from the five Virgins without oil in their lamp. This is an unseen time of Visitation by the Lord. He comes to each of us over and over and eventually He comes to you for your last chance to be saved…if you continue to reject Him, then He lets you go your own way and your name is removed from the Book of Life. Every human starts off with their name recorded in the Book of Life…because you were born into this earth life. If you are divided out then you have taken the Mark of the Beast because the Lord has not put His Mark on you…as was the example with Cain. God put His Mark on Cain so he would not be killed. If he had been killed then the promise to Abraham would have been killed. God promised Abraham that his offspring would be as numerous as is the sand in the desert. That meant that both lines… the evil line of Cain… and the righteous line of Seth must be allowed to increase. The wheat and tares had to grow together for the end time harvest. One of these virgins (which means Christians) will be in the bed with the Lord and the other Christian will be marked out because of their final rejection of the Spirit’s tug on them. This has been going on since Jesus left the earth but particularly for His end time work since 1995 as He has been calling Harvesters into the field for the last Harvest. This is why so many Christian marriages have broken up. One got deeper with the Lord while the other grew cold. This is why people have believed in two separate comings of the Lord and Satan perverted this teaching. Jesus will only come back ONE TIME the second time at His Second Coming. He did not make Noah open the door a second time to let those beating on the door in. They had their chance before the door was closed and LOCKED. This division of God measuring His Temple culminates in the Second Coming when the Bride Church will be Raptured up in the sight of the World. 2) Next the Mark of the Beast: The Mark of the Beast is only taken by those who refuse the Lord’s offer of Salvation through Jesus Christ’s /Yeshua death on the Cross of Calvary and the atoning Blood Sacrifice He made for us. If you then have taken the Mark of the Beast you are Lost. I do not personally believe there will be a literal mark put on everyone even though that is where it looks like we are headed and it is in the works. It will never come to fruition. The closest they can get to that right now is credit cards and the credit card has your number of your name on it…the number of man is six. Each credit card has a bar code configuration of 6’s. This is a way of tracking every purchase you make. If you do not want your purchases tracked I would suggest you go to a money order system where you have added your bills and you purchase money orders for each of your bills in a one-time transaction to cover your expenses. They may wonder, but they won’t know, what your life consists of.  Now what I see is that the Word teaches us that like Noah and Lot that things will go on as usual until the Lord’s people are taken up out of this world. THEN there will be so much turmoil on earth that there will be no way of marking everyone. It will be Hell on earth. The only churches and people left in them on earth will be the ones that side with the Universal Catholic Church which is clearly delineated in Revelation as the Anti-Christ Church. Some of these left will even be Pentecostal and Baptist establishments. Then will come WWIII and Armageddon and if the Lord did not stop it by natural means then NO Man or mankind would be left alive. He will stop it by the incoming planetary system that consists of a second sun with red wings and debris in its tail called the “Destroyer”. But God will intervene and there will be men left alive to carry on this earth…but there will be peace for 1000 years before Satan is again loosed to deceive mankind. So there will be people left on this earth. 3) The Mark of God: In Ezekiel 9:6 the passage states “Slay utterly old and young, both Virgins (speaking of so-called Christians) and little children and women (so-called Christian’s families that follow wrong teaching); but DO NOT TOUCH any man (meaning mankind) upon whom is the mark and begin at my Sanctuary!” This is God talking and He is saying kill them all….the ones who are called by My Name…those that say they believe me, but do not do what I say. Verse 4 said “SET a MARK upon the FOREHEAD of the men who sigh and who are tormented on account of all the abominations and evil things that are done in the midst thereof and begin at my sanctuary.” So this is the opposite Mark than that of taking the Mark of the Beast. He said start at the top of His Sanctuary…in other words start with the leaders of all that call themselves Christian Churches. You see when Jim and Tammy Baker of TBN Christian Television began their fall that all the others came tumbling after. God began marking His latter day Bride Church and no, they are not the Mormons. 4) Buying and Selling: Revelation 13:17 reads “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the Beast, or the number of his name.” I previously stated that today this in the natural represents credit card purchases with the 666 bar codes. But there are other Scriptures related to Buying and Selling that relate to God’s Mark and His buying and selling. This has a separate Spiritual meaning. God’s Mark is whether you have bought what he is selling or bought what the world and Satan is selling. The Lord Jesus purchased His people with His own Blood on the Cross of Calvary. He SOLD OUT HIS LIFE TO PURCHASE OR BUY AND REDEEM YOURS. He is telling you to buy of Him. Right now you have a choice…to buy from what the Lord is offering you this day or to buy what man offers. Man’s laws, man’s poisonous food, man’s belief system, man’s money system, man’s music, TV, and movie filth and pornography and man’s wars. Do not sell yourself for money, fame or to have a worldly name. It will only send you to an everlasting Hell spent in limbo and in the end, you will be in the Lake of Fire with Satan and suffer a Second Death. After the Second Coming Rapture which I have shown you in other teachings from Revelation 11:1-14 what you will be left with is war, radiation boils on your skin, plagues, famine and zombies who will be people eating people. They put it in your face on TV…called the zombie apocalypse and the world is too stupid to see what they are showing you. Your worst imagination of any horror movie you have ever heard of will become your reality. This will be the worst time this earth has ever seen or will ever see again. I am sent here to warn you… There is very little time now. When the door is shut on that Yom Kippur Day, it will be shut and locked… on that Day of Atonement. He will not reopen the door no matter how much you cry and repent. You will have to endure what comes and die. Man has tried to squeeze Scripture into seven little years which actually has been taking place since Jesus left the earth. There are seven years which deal with Israel and the last day church and the Harvest. We are in that time NOW. But the Seven Churches and the Seven Church Seals have already been opened. We are now in the Seventh Seal, the Seventh Church Age and entering the last three and one half years, I believe, until our Salvation arrives. The Church of God goes up at the Second Woe before the Sixth Angel sounds. If you know your Bible you will find that what I am saying is true and you will make yourself ready NOW. SHALOM…

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