Saturday, November 14, 2015

THE RAPTURE FOUND IN JOB JOB 29:19-25 By Rev. Patricia Sunday Today I want to do a Scripture study from the Book of Job beginning with Chapter 29 and verses 19-25. In this chapter Job is speaking. I want to first begin with verse 3 and show you what the Lord has revealed to me. Where He has said that in months past God took care of him when He put his WORSHIP high upon his head, when His LAMP shone over him and when by His LIGHT he walked through darkness …you will see that if you diagram this verse that there are three key words in this Scripture. The words are Worship, Lamp and Light. The Word is telling us that when we WORSHIP HIM He will shine on us HIS LAMP and LIGHT our path. His lamp has oil in it. Worship high upon his head means that the worship of God was his primary goal. Do you see this? Verse 16 shows us that what we do not understand we must search out. Now we will apply this principle of diagraming and searching out the verses regarding the Rapture. Job is speaking as a Prophet with God’s Words. 19: “My roots are planted by the waters and the dew lies all night upon my boughs”. This means that we are deeply rooted in the water of His Word. Night refers to the darkness of this world. His Word sits on our boughs or branches because we who are believers are referred to as trees in the Word of God. Then it says…AT THE HARVEST …What is the harvest? It is the reaping or the rapture at the end of the age. It says at the Harvest season I shall be invited to the feast. That feast is the Feast of the INGATHERING … which was renamed the Feast of Tabernacles and COMMONLY KNOWN AS THE WEDDING SUPPER OF THE LAMB. Are you invited to this feast? 20: “I shall take my bow with me and renew it in my hand.” This verse is a little more difficult. You have to remember in Revelation 22:12 where it talks about the Lord coming and His Reward is with Him. The rainbow was a covenant sign. At the Harvest or Rapture the Lord will renew the heavens and earth by His own hand. There will be a new covenant. So the bow and His reward speak of the same thing. Our bow is without arrows. It is a reward and that reward is that we go to be with Him. 21: The verse reads “Men listened to me and waited and harkened to my counsel.” So as we listen to God and wait on God we will harken or obey His counsel. 22: “And from my words they departed not, and my speech was pleasant to them” So because they listened and waited on God and obeyed His counsel they believed God’s Words to be pleasant and pleasing and good. 23: “They waited for me as for the rain; and they opened their mouths wide as for the spring rain.” So we continue the theme of waiting…and in this verse waiting for the rain. Many people believe the rain is to come in great signs and wonders of laughing, falling down and outward signs…but the rain God spoke of is the opening up and the understanding of the Word as they have never understood it before. Those of us who search out the Scriptures open our mouth wide to receive the understanding of the Word that the Lord is pouring out. The spring rain beings out the flowers and beauty and nourishes what was already planted. 24: “If I ridiculed them, they did not take offense; and they did not turn from the LIGHT of my countenance.” I see this as the word ridicule meaning when the Lord chastises us…or spanks us as His children. So when He chastises or rebukes us we take it as needed correction and do not turn away from serving Him. 25: “I searched out their ways, and then returned and dwelt as a King in His army, like one who comforts the mourners.” God is always searching out our ways and comes to comfort us as we mourn over our sin as we recognize what we have done…and He expects us to always return or turn to Him when we sin and therefore we will dwell as a King in His army. Remember He says that a King searches out a matter. The remaining Scriptures if you continue to read on tells what happens to those left behind after the Harvest…after we are gone to our Heavenly Home with Jesus/Yeshua. Verse 8 of Chapter 30 is particularly eye opening as it shows that the children of fools … meaning Christians who were not ready with oil in their lamps will be accounted to share in the terrors of the wicked. That will be half of the so-called Christian Church as attested to by the Parable of the Ten Virgins. Shalom

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