Friday, July 10, 2015

"You have known me as God Almighty, but by my name Jehovah, they have not known me.  My covenant is established with those who know me and I will give them the land of promise.  I have heard their groaning whom the world does keep in bondage and I have remembered my covenant with them.  Wherefore I say unto those that know me and keep my word, I will bring you out from under the burdens of the world and I will redeem you with a stretched out arm, and with great judgements.  I will take you to myself for you are my people and I am your God, who delivers you from the world.  I will bring you in to the land which Jesus did swear to give it to you by the shedding of His blood and it shall be your heritage.  Do not despair, nor fail to hear my voice for your anguish of spirit and the cruel bondage of this world.  I am the Lord." given to Le Roy L. Miller Ministry

Friday, July 3, 2015


Exodus 15:1-24; Exodus 16:4;
Deuteronomy 32;
Revelation 11 and Revelation 15:3
By Reverend Patricia Ann Sunday
His Handmaiden

          Those of us who are ‘ready’ will soon be singing the Song of the Lamb found in Revelation 1:3. There are three Songs of Moses in the Bible.  But the Third Song which represents the Third Day represents when Jesus/Yeshua comes back for His Bride Church. That is why it is not only called the Song of Moses but also the Song of the Lamb. 

Interesting how these were placed in the Bible.   Exodus 15 is a picture of Moses leading the people out of Egypt into the Wilderness (of the world) and Revelation 15 is a picture of Jesus the Lamb (Yeshua) leading His people out of the Wilderness of the world into their rightful Kingship with Him in Heaven. Exodus begins the Bible and Revelation ends the Bible. What takes place in Deuteronomy 32 is what happens to the church and the world on the Wilderness Journey through the TEST of this lower material world. 

          Exodus 15 at the beginning tells us in verse 2, that the LORD JEHOVAH/YHVH/YENON/HNON … (GET THIS! LISTEN)  …BECAME OUR SAVIOR.   This is a future picture of how God Himself came down from Heaven to become a Man called the Son of God. He was not just the Son of God. He became the Son of Man. You have to have Spiritual Discernment to see how this happened.  He was not born of the seed of mankind, but the seed of Heaven…and a NEW CREATION.  So when you become ‘born again’, you also become a new creation and the seed of Heaven.

          In verse 8, we find that just as in Genesis when God breathed out the material world he also by His nostrils piled up the flood waters so that the sea became dry for His Children to come out of Egypt, which for us represents the world.  And just as verses nine and ten say that they will overtake them and kill them…the Lord God says, “ NO, You will not”, and not only were His Children taken out, but the evil ones were killed.  Likewise with the story of Noah and the story of Lot,  the Lord God was the victor, and Satan and his hordes were defeated.

          In Verses 25 and 26…the Lord teaches us that this world is a TEST.  Our test is on God’s laws and ordinances.  Verse 27 teaches us that if we harken to his Voice (Trumpet/Shofar), and if we will keep His commandments, He promises that none of the plagues of Egypt will come upon us. The last verse 27 takes place in Heaven where we then will be camping out with the Lord in Peace.

Now let’s look at Deuteronomy 32…the Second Song of Moses.  This is a picture of YOM KIPPUR at the end of time but also shows us why the end is going to come about.  This is a hidden revelation and matches up with Revelation 11:1-14.   Right now we are in the Latter Rain.  The early rain came as Jesus left the earth and His mission was revealed to His Apostles and the Bible was eventually produced. The Bible itself was written by the Hand of God.  No man could have put this all together so PERFECTLY AND INTRICATELY.

The Latter Rain is now falling upon those chosen servants whom He has called for this last Moses walk.  Rain is the water of the word…the fountain of living waters flowing from Immanuel’s veins.  In verse 2 the showers fall on the grass (which is another term used for mankind) who are withered, tired and need these times of refreshing. Verse 13 tells us that we are to suck honey out of the Rock…. meaning we are to search out the sweet revelations found in the Word of God.

This chapter is a picture of the past and the future in one place.  Then, and we can see it now, out of the Catholic Vatican and all other denominations, that worshipping anything other than the Living God Yeshua/Jesus, is called STRANGE FIRE.  Verse 16 says they made HIM ANGRY with the other gods….strange gods.  It teaches us that these were not the gods that your fathers worshipped, but NEW gods, and they are sacrificing to demons.  He says this generation has no faith.  This means faith in the True God.  Because people have faith in faith…faith in themselves…faith in the Catholic Church but they have NO FAITH in HIM…and from them He will turn away.  From verse 23 on, He says He will send His Arrows at them.   The devil sends darts, but God sends the arrows and darts are no match for arrows.   He then delineates what his arrows are and you will find that we are now experiencing these in greater measure than any other time in the history of the world.  His arrows are: hunger; delivering them up to evil spirits, vultures and wild beasts as well as the poison of serpents which creep in the dust.  Serpents is a reference to men or mankind not snakes. The serpents are devils that creep into the person who is made of dust.  You will have the sword outside and in your homes terror from your own family, as they turn you over to the tormenters instead of helping you, or praying for you.

Verse 30 tells us that God has hemmed them in…and delivered them to their enemies and He tells us in verse 32 who did it!  So WHO did it?  What was the dividing line for God?  He says they are the vine of Sodom and Gomorrah.  In other words…these are the offspring in the hereditary line of Cain and Satan.  This line began the Days of Lot on June 26, 2015 in America and our doom is sealed…there is no turning back.  He goes on to say that their venom is the venom of dragons (devils).  The Lord says that the VENGENCE IS HIS AND HE IS ABOUT TO REPAY THEM.  HE SAYS HE WILL MAKE HIS ARROWS DRUNK WITH THEIR BLOOD.  This clearly states that a blood bath is coming not only to America, but also the world because they have all forsaken Him. There is about to come a terrible war like mankind has never seen in all the earth.

In Chapter 33 you will see that before his death Moses says that the Lord HAD ALREADY COME WITH 10,000’S OF HIS SAINTS AT HIS RIGHT HAND.  Most of the church teaches that this is when the Lord comes back at the Second Coming.  So this teaching must have another meaning than that. What is the Lord saying then and now?   Jude 1:14 says Enoch prophesied the Lord is coming with thousands upon thousands of His Holy Ones.  So this was it in Moses time.  Then for the end times Revelation 5:11 says Ten Thousands of Ten Thousands.  So we see with the more time that transpires on earth the more that the Lord has increased the numbers until that number is completed. And the most important thing was the Lords coming was NOT seen even though it is reported that they did indeed come. This time the Lord comes with His Saints for the last Saints, and it will be a visible coming, for this is the Song of the Lamb Jesus/Yeshua. This time He will not just take care of His Saints ON the earth but take His Saints OFF the earth.

Next we go to Revelation 5:11 for more information on the Song of Moses and the Lamb.  There are ten thousand of ten thousand standing around the Throne in Heaven. There is planning going on here.  When Jesus went back to Heaven after His Resurrection He sat on His Throne and began to unseal the Book of Revelation.   Each Seal was a Church Age.  We are now under the Seventh Seal.  My teachings on this are available in my books and videos.   The Lord gave me more revelation when He opened the revelation of the Little Book of Revelation Ten, which was a book within a book. 

Now we go to Revelation 11:1-14.  I have spoken of this also in other teachings, but a good and important word bears repeating…and this is very important. It is your LIFE.  The Olive Tree represents the Messianic Jewish believers who are actually living in Israel.  The Candlesticks represent the Menorahs and are the Christian Believers scattered all over the world.   Under the Seventh Seal comes the Sixth Angel and the bowls are poured out on the world. But, the Bride Church goes to Heaven at the Second Woe, which falls BEFORE the Sixth Angel. 

In Revelation 11:11 we find dead bodies lying in the streets of Jerusalem.  These are 144,000 people that are killed when Jerusalem is invaded at the beginning of WWIII, which is about to happen shortly.  As Moses served His calling of the Lord…then died before he could enter the Promised Land, so will the remnant we find in Revelation 11.  There are 144,000 literal people in Israel that were “born to die as sacrificial lambs”, and this happens on Yom Kippur.   I get a little wild sometimes to most people and preachers, but I tell things as I see what God gives me.  These 144,000 literal souls were saved out for this purpose and never saw death just as Enoch and Elijah did not see death.  These were taken alive when Jesus was Resurrected.  I have the teaching on this in other places.

Their bodies will not be buried and people around the world will send gifts.  Revelation 11:11  is a double synchronic of 11:11  WHICH is God’s number for LISTEN…LISTEN…AS HE CALLS THE NAME OF HIS PEOPLE TWICE AS HE DID SAMUEL.  Everyone will hear his own name and rise from the dead in the sight of those watching.  This scares the HELL out of a lot of people who will all of a sudden see and know who the Lord really was. They give Glory to God, but for them it is too late to make this sheep pen.  But these will be the new apostles for those left on the earth for the next seven thousand year cycle of time.  These people will flee in order to save their lives. Caves and dens are already prepared for those who know war is coming, but those who have grabbed the Lifeline will not have to go through the worst of what is about to come upon the earth.   SHALOM


By Rev. Patricia Ann Sunday
His Handmaiden

It is not coming…it is here.  The Catholics call it the Quickening, which is when more knowledge of the Bible and the end times occurs.  And while that is certainly true, and what is happening today, that is not all there is to it. Protestant Christians call it the Seven year tribulation, or the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.  There is a difference between them, however, at the end of this time.

For Catholics, New Agers, and Islamics, it is a time when the Golden Age arrives…a time of peace on earth led by the Messiah…Lord Matreya, or the Fifth Imam, depending on your theology.  

For Protestant believers…the Rapture will have already happened and they would be out of here.  Well, we are still here, and will be until the end.  There was a Prophet the Lord sent to us to explain this special end time message, but when compiling the Bible, the Catholics removed this book….the Book of Enoch.

The Prophet Nostradamus was sent to explain the Vision of the Image of Daniel. In Chapter 2, Verses 34-35 explain what is going to happen in the end time when the Lord comes to take up HIS BRIDE…those who are alive in Him, and those who are in their graves to arise and be with Him.  The Catholics Quickening is the Christians Rapture, but it will happen at the end, when the ROCK FROM HEAVEN destroys the image of clay and iron mixture that the one world order has been working on since the Lord Jesus/Yeshua arose from death to life everlasting.

The Last Pope is in office now.  And the Last Anti-Christ man…. an Arch-Bishop named Father Georg Gaenswein…. is waiting in the wings to take his place as leader of the world.  A German led Vatican will be the leader of the One World Government…a combination of Nazism, Communism, and Islamic belief systems.

Before the ROCK (which will be the comet Nostradamus has predicted) comes, the BRIDE of Christ will be removed from this earth.  This will happen very soon.   I’ve learned not to put an exact date on it…even Nostradamus would not date it, even though he could have dated it to the exact minute. He knew no one would believe him and he did not want to tell the head devil Lucifer/Santa/Satan, because he does not know the exact time himself. 

The United States Government knows this comet is coming. It is already approaching earth and much misinformation is being put out to divert everyone’s attention. It has not yet come.

The Lord has sent me here to tell you to “Get Ready…Be Prepared” for what is to come.  The Word says that men’s hearts will be failing them for fear of what is about to come upon the earth. I can attest personally to this. One of my own sisters died of a heart attack while looking forward to this.  This will not be a time for the faint, or weak, of heart.   As the Book of Revelation states, men will be hiding in caves and underground dens. Men on earth are already preparing for this.  The underground cites have already been built in America, Russia, and I’m sure other places.  The food and medical supplies have, and are, already being stockpiled by our government, and others. God will supernaturally protect and supply the needs of those who are ‘with Him’ until the time comes for us to be Caught Up to be with Him.  The next big question is when will be the time of the Catching Up, commonly known as the Rapture?  The Bible tells us exactly WHEN it will be.  So take heed to what the Lord has shown me.  It will be according to Revelation 11:1-14.   The Candlesticks, or the menorahs, is the Church Bride, and the Olive Tree is the Jewish believer’s in Jesus/Yeshua as their Messiah.  When ISRAEL is attacked and people are laying dead in the streets of Jerusalem …there will literally be 3 and one half days until the dead will rise to their feet alive and be taken up.  At the same time…those who are alive in Christ Jesus will also arise and go up.  We will not need a spaceship. The comet will be the judgement upon an unbelieving world, and it will be what stops the Battle of Armageddon, or WWIII going on around the world.

Then the Prophet Nostradamus tells us what happens after that.  He states that those that choose to believe in Him by seeing what has happened will have another SEVEN THOUSAND YEARS before God will actually come back to this earth to set His other sheep pen back on earth.  You can understand this only by spiritual eyes and ears.  It is not my job to try to make you believe it, or to argue with you about it.  It is only my job, or task, to deliver this message to you as He has given it to me, and I have done this to the best of my ability.  It is like my cooking.  You can eat it with thanksgiving, or you can push it away as unpalatable…It is totally your choice.  But I suggest you chew on it a while before spitting it out.

May God bless you and shine His light upon you.  Shalom


By Reverend Patricia Ann Sunday

The Prophet Nostradamus saw this occurrence, which he prophesied about over 500 years ago.  In Century 1, Quatrain 81… Nostradamus speaks of the NINE.  This was a quatrain that has caused me concern for quite some time now, as I sought the meaning of it.   It could have been many things, as people over the years have interpreted different meanings. Some interpreters saw the Challenger disaster in this … but, yet, I felt there was more to this, and “the nine” has stuck in my mind for many years.  But, when this Charleston 9 shooting happened, it was like I finally knew this was what he was prophesying.  And, I knew that we are now in the time frame spoken of in the Bible meaning the end of the end. At the beginning of the new age in 1999 there began revelations to me of many Spiritual quatrains hidden in Nostradamus’ work.   Many times he had a literal quatrain, such as the Challenger disaster named, but also another literal one with a spiritual meaning as well.  History repeats itself, which is why so many things can be interpreted more than once.  This quatrain reads as follows:


To understand the spiritual part of Nostradamus’ work you must view his words with spiritual eyes and discernment.  For instance, words such as ‘set apart’, ‘judgement’, ‘counsel’, ‘fate’, and ‘great praise’ are all Biblical words.  If you have read my books on Nostradamus, you will see that I show you how he was a Christian Prophet and not a psychic.  He tells us what is to happen in the world after 1999…the end of the end times.

For Him to give this quatrain must be the beginning of something, and must have other quatrains that belong with it.

Line one says nine will be set apart from the human flock.  It says that there will be nine human beings set apart to GOD for a special task.  In this case they were a sacrifice to God and the reason was what?  Because they were black and/or because they were Christians.  The work Nostradamus did was a work to be left behind for the benefit of Christians.

The second line says at the time that these nine are set apart they are separated, or taken out, and at the time we die we are judged by the great counselor…who is Jesus….who is our Judge and counselor.

Line three lets us know that at the time of our departure by death…our fate is sealed…no salvation after death.

Line four points the finger of great blame to the one who did the crime, but says on the other hand great praise will be given to God…and as you know even the name of Jesus was used during the service this Father’s Day at Emanuel AME Church of God.

So…now what we have is the Prophet Nostradamus telling us that this will begin great change concerning what side you are on.  The side of racial bigots, or God’s side.  But the real revelation is that this will begin the battle between those who believe God and those who do not. Those who stand up against the sin of homosexuality and those who do not.  Those who will not place race and sex on equal basis. Race does not need any repentance.  Moses married a black woman. He did not , however, a same sex marriage.  Those who do not know the distinction will depart to their judgement by the great counselor.



KJV… Jeremiah 25:15; Psalms 115:4
By Rev. Patricia Ann Sunday

If you have heard or seen my videos or read any of my writings then I am sure you know how I feel about the Vatican run Catholic Church and how I have shown you from the Bible…the Word of God…that it is she who is the whore church and that all the ecumenical protestant churches who join with her are the whores daughters. I have made it plain that the Bible teaches that the last Anti-Christ spoken of throughout the Bible comes out of that false Christian Church and she sits as a queen over many nations.

The false Virgin Mary apparitions have asked for ALL nations to dedicate their cup of their nation to HER not to Jesus/Yeshua.

I found something very interesting in the April 13th issue of TIME magazine. Now you do understand the 13th is a witch’s coven number and their special day of worship.  The cover is frocked with the homosexual flag colors of the Rainbow, stolen from God’s Rainbow covenant with Noah. The magazine title cover is “Freedom Fight” and sports two articles on each side of a cross.  One “The attack on Gay Rights” and the other “The Attack on Believers”.  Turning to the inside pages you will find under the heading “Briefing on Religion” a very revealing and interesting picture. This picture is of a tall SILVER and GOLD PLATED CUP.  (Psalms 115:4). “The idols of the Gentiles are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands.”

For those of you watching this video, I will read the brief article and will read the time frame and delineated remarks beside each portion of this cup. Also, upon seeing this video you may want to look at another video I made called: “Pope Francis to be Assassinated”.

This brief article reads:  AMERICA’S CUP:  For a papal visit, a special chalice. “Argentine silversmith Adrian Pallarois will cast an unusual Communion Chalice for Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. this SEPTEMBER 2015: a CUP made from SILVER PIECES … EARINGS, COINS, PENS, DONATED BY AMERICANS ACROSS THE COUNTRY… JUST LIKE WAS DONE IN THE MAKING OF THE GOLDEN CALF. This is a strange fire offering before the Lord.  A fiery burning will come from it.

I am big into the meaning of names. The name Pallarois means… King of those who declare themselves to be more worthy than they really are. Pallarois, is a seventh generation silversmith who was married by the Pontiff in Buenos Aires while the Pope was still Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio. (Notice the Pontiffs last name has the word GOG in it and Ber means Bear…so he is the big bear or head of Gog.)  Pallarois presented the idea to the Pope in a recent private audience.  The brief article goes on to say that the symbolism of the design, which features a map at the center, will be rich. (Get it… rich!)  Everybody, the whole country, will be in the prayers of Pope Francis here in New York when he lifts the chalice in the CONSECRATION.  (Let me stop right here and tell you that means consecrating or dedicating the United States to go under the leadership of the Vatican.  Make no mistake about this! Then the article goes on…) “The logistics are complicated.  Pallarois at the time of this article was still working out how people could contribute their mementos and how any extra silver can be donated to Pope Francis’ efforts for the poor”.  (Excuse me I have to stop again.  Isn’t that taking from the poor…not giving to the poor?  What is richer than Vatican state? This takes more silver OUT of the United States.  But then I digress…) “Meanwhile, the Vatican has yet to release the Pope’s official travel schedule, but Pallarois says the Holy Father will use this  chalice at a Mass in New York City.” 

Now for the stats … or statistics and timeframe:  Pallarois has made two other silver cups…one for Francis in 2013 so this one for America is SPECIAL.  And he made also a special one for Pope Benedict in 2005.  He will be collecting silver from the common people of America from April through June 2015.  He will create the chalice in July through August.


Now to the highlighted areas of the cup.  Beginning at the BASE.  This will include the names of TOP donors who give money to the poor through the chalice project.   Notice that the smaller donors will not have a place on the cup…only the RICHEST DONORS OF THE UNITED STATES.

On up the cup where there is a world like globe and we see an inlaid map of the United States made of gold.   That is because they already have all of ours.  On the top and the bottom of the globe which contains the map of the United States we find that we are flanked or surrounded by Roman Gothic style Columns and Arches on the style of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. As a side note I hope you all know that NYC was the original capitol of the United States…you do know that from civics or history class… don’t you?  Then instead of the original NYC initials that he first planned…it will instead have USA engraved thereupon. Above that are leaves symbolizing the Garden of Eden. Where it all began I might add…and the man the Lord has shown me to be the last Anti-Christ whose last name is Gaenswein a German whose name in Hebrew means Pig… in the Garden of Eden.  At the very top apex of the cup… it will be inlaid with GOLD so that the wine at the Eucharist will only touch real gold plate, a medal that will preserve and insure the purity of the wine.  Remember the Bible says they do not want to hurt the OIL or the WINE.

Jeremiah 25:15 reads…“For thus saith the LORD God of Israel unto me; Take the wine cup of this fury at MY HAND, and cause all the nations, to whom I send thee, to drink it.”

THIS ceremony my dear friends will insure that AMERICA will be one of the nations referred to by Jeremiah and will also receive of GOD’S ‘CUP OF WRATH’ because of… this dedication… of this country to a Roman Overlord.    Amen…so be it. 



Daniel 7:16-24; Revelation 13:3-11;
Revelation 17:13 and Proverbs 1:14
By Reverend Patricia Ann Sunday

The Bible does not use the phrase “One World Government”, or “One World Order”, or “New World Order”.  However…there are tons of scriptures referring to ten nations being of ONE MIND.   Revelation 17:13 reads that “These are of one mind, and they hand over their power and authority to the BEAST.  These ten nations are ten economically, politically and militarily strong nations.  They form a strong bond…but it is not they that ultimately end up controlling the world. As Proverbs 1:14 states…it is the one nation or city/state that says, “Cast in your lot with us; let us all have ONE PURSE”.  This means absolute economic control, and it comes in through a woman…which in scripture always represents a Church.  It was Judas that controlled the one purse of the Lord’s Church in the beginning. A man held the purse of the woman church.

Proverbs 1:6 gives us a key to the knowledge of this one purse.  It says that “to understand proverbs and figures of speech”.  In other words, you must put all the scriptures together concerning nations having ONE Purse to understand who this one nation will be.  Nations are also referred to as females.

The Bible tells us that this nation sits on seven hills and controls the gold of all nations. Revelation 17:9 says, “Here is understanding for him who has wisdom.  The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits”.  So we have a nation that sits on seven hills.  This would be an economically rich nation.

“Revelation 18:7 states, “As she glorified herself and lived in luxury, so give her a like measure of torment and mourning, since in her heart she says, ‘I sit as a queen, I am no widow, and mourning I shall never see.’”  

This nation also then refers to herself as a queen…thereby having a woman, or queen, as a symbol that represents her.  It does not mean that it is a nation that has a literal earthly Queen who rules over that nation.  The nation that fits this description most closely would be the nation of the Roman Vatican, which is a city-state, or a tiny nation, that sits on seven hills and is represented by the Virgin Mary Apparition, who is referred to as the “Queen of Heaven”.   She is rich and takes the gold and silver of all nations into the Vatican bank vault. Please go see my other videos concerning Pope Francis and the Vatican.

One only needs to go on the internet and search Bible Scriptures for World Government scriptures …put them all together and come to your own conclusion.   It was the Roman Catholic Church, described in Revelation 13:7, who made war with the saints during the dark ages believing they were doing God a service.  They ran the true church of God underground. The true underground church is referred to in the Second Epistle of John. And Revelation 12:9 calls this nation the ancient serpent, the great dragon, who is called the devil, named Satan, but he was first known before his fall from heaven as Lucifer. Lucifer, or Luchefair, is the Latin version of Satan.

With a little research of the nations now forming the New European Union, you will find that it is GERMANY that has the most economic potential for being this world power apart from the Vatican.  But we have a hidden twist going on here, which, if I may, I will describe how I believe this is going to come together.  We know that Pope Benedict and his consort ArchBishop Georg Gaenswein are German.  We know SOMETHING was askew when Benedict supposedly resigned leaving us now with two living Popes at one time. I believe there was too much heat concerning this German pair, and it was alleviated by obtaining an anti-Pope named Francis. When this Pope has served his purpose of deflecting attention from the German pair, he will be exterminated, and I believe that is coming soon.  Then Pope Benedict, who will be the only living Pope, will appoint a world successor who will be, I believe, his German consort, ArchBishop Georg Gaenswein.  If you have seen any of my other teachings you will understand that in Hebrew Gaenswein means “Pig in the Garden of Eden”.  Would it them be feasible for the German led European Union to appoint a German head of the world?  Too easy you say?  No, not at all. Scripture itself calls the Roman Catholic Church Satan. We have an economic pig in the garden biding his time to enter peacefully.  How much plainer can it be put?    SHALOM


By Rev. Patricia Ann Sunday
His Handmaiden

Nostradamus tells us how the end time will actually fit on a time line.  His time line begins in 2014. I have written two books regarding this.  On my timeline page, I had to squeeze it together within a two year period for space reasons using the corresponding dates for those years. But…that does not mean that at the end of 2015 the Lord is coming…but then it could.  It all depends on what happens in Israel.  However it does show the events that will happen in sequential order.  I absolutely know that the first sign I placed is according to his first clue, because it is the beginning of something.  Perhaps it is the beginning of the popular seven year period called the time of Jacobs’s trouble…or THE TRIBULATION PERIOD.  We have been in tribulation since Jesus/Yeshua left the earth.  But this specific time begins when Revelation 11:1-14 takes place.  So you could call this the end of the Tribulation for those believers who are of the BRIDE SHEEP PEN.  But it will be the beginning of a time of tribulation for those left on the earth.  Many so-called Christian believers will be in this Second Sheep Pen.

To understand the full scenario of this it would be helpful for you to read at least the smaller picture book the Lord delivered to me through the Prophet Nostradamus.  The two books are “Nostradamus; Branham and the Little Book”, referring to the Little Hidden Book in the Book of Revelation.  The smaller second book is titled, “Nostradamus: Lost Pictures unveiled the last Anti-Christ.”

You may get a copy of these books through, or, or any other online bookstore.

Within these texts, I prove we are truly at the end time spoken of in the Bible, and you will see clearly how the Lord gave the revelations to the Prophet Nostradamus.